School Offerings


At WiseTech Ed we engage schools in parent eventsassemblies and in-class lessons on the importance of wise technology use in relationship to the healthy development and function of the adolescent human brain.  See our complete list of school offerings below! 


Watch highlights from our school assemblies.


WiseTech Ed offers a dynamic school program to empower students and teachers to utilize the benefits of technology while limiting unintended consequences.  Schools and districts can choose from our offerings to design a program that best serves the specific needs of your community.


School offerings

  • School Leadership Strategy Outline
  • Parent Meeting
  • School-Wide Assembly
  • Grade-Specific Assemblies
  • Teacher toolkit with lessons
  • School Leadership Workshop
  • Student-Led Family Engagement Experience
  • WiseTech Ed Taught Classroom Lessons
  • Half or Full Day Teacher Training

WiseTech Ed School Program Examples:

Head Royce.JPG

Example 1

  • School Leadership Recommendations and Strategy Outline
  • Parent Meeting
  • School-Wide Assembly

Example 2

  • School Leadership Meeting
  • Parent Night
  • Grade-Specific Assemblies
  • WiseTech Ed Taught Classroom Lessons
  • Teacher toolkit

70% of students said that WiseTech Ed raised their awareness of the potential negative impacts of screen technology use.
— Student Survey
I can’t believe this was offered as a bonus by the school - it was so helpful and covers all the revealing topics for a wide range of parents with various aged kids.
— El Segundo Parent and Teacher

If you'd like to learn more about how to bring WiseTech Ed to your school or your child's school, we'd love to talk to you!