Our Approach

We believe the Core Self is at the greatest risk from unwise, overuse of technology. We create a systems approach that places core values at the heart of how to change our relationship with technology.

We ask the simple question, "In what areas of your life does technology create positive and negative impacts?"  For example, research shows that while internet and social media enhance information access and connectivity, overuse of screens can lead to creation of addiction-reward pathways in the brain similar to those created by use of methamphetamines or cocaine. By using the lens of addiction, we can parse out the way technology use is unconscious and bring awareness to how it is impacting us day by day.

From the Core Self value assessment we create custom Social Norms to define the ways technology can be used in helpful ways. Social Norms are defined as heuristic behaviors or rules of thumb that we can implement in our lives day by day.

Finally, we create Environmental Controls that set physical limits on tech use in accord with Core Self values and Social Norms. Controls can include physical barriers like restricted access to screens and internet, or software based solutions that monitor use.